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Services: in depth consultations on the Roofing process, roof condition assessments, products, warranties, customer services, satisfaction. 


Full services provided, clean ups, removal, proper professional installation,can also provide professional recommendations on attic ventilation or insulation requirements. 

SureStart Warranty & Plus, by CertainTeed.

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*Please note the warranties above are coupled with using our CertainTeed Products only, warranties may differ when choosing another product*
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"The team prides ourselves on reliable efficient work every time, guaranteed."

                     -Frank Dorrington

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                                                                          What we offer!

  1. Remove existing roof product and haul away debris to an approved landfill site. Job site to be clean, safe and tidy at all times.

  2. Tarp sides of house, plants and shrubs where necessary, to eliminate damage from falling debris.

  3. Supply & Install aluminum starter to complete perimeter of roof area, all eaves and gables. (white/brown/black)

  4. Supply & Install ice and water shield to all roof overhangs, valleys and the perimeter of any chimney and vents. This product self seals these areas to insure watertight assembly.

  5. Supply & Install synthetic roof underlayment over entire roof deck surface.

  6. Supply & Install Certainteed Landmark two piece laminate shingles - color your choice .

  7. Supply & Install ridge or static ventilation and new vent stack boot (plumbing).

  8. Supply & Install Certainteed Starter and Hip and Ridge Shingles to maximize the wind warranty to 130 miles per hour.

  9. All shingles will be secured to deck surface in a six nail pattern.

  10. Area clean up upon completion (sweeping, nail magnets, etc.).

  11. If during the removal of the existing shingles it is determined that there is more than

    one layer of shingles there will be an additional cost for removal and disposal of the

    extra layers of shingles.

  12. Should any deteriorated wood or deck surface issues be identified while the roof is

    stripped contact will be made with homeowner to discuss solutions prior to any additional work to be completed. 

  13. The writer carries a two million dollar Liability Insurance Policy as well all employees are covered under the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

  14. 10 year warranty on workmanship 

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